How can chiropractors help with my TMJ? 

When thinking about a painful problem that has to do with your jaw or mouth, the first doctor you think of would probably be a dentist, not a chiropractic physician; however, a visit to your locally accredited chiropractor could be your solution to start alleviating your TMJ-related pain.

A study done by the Tokyo medical and dental university found that people who used natural practices and jaw exercises helped to reduce TMJ symptoms better and faster than those who used jaw splints. Participants who used holistic practices such as maintaining good posture and eating soft foods in their diet saw improvements in their mouth-opening range and reductions in pain more so than their counterparts who wore maxillary stabilization appliances while sleeping at night.

In Tallahassee, the demanding nature of academia in students and teachers alike can cause high stress levels that may lead to TMJ. Pragle Chiropractic and Massage Therapy provides a nurturing and calming environment, where clients of all types can alleviate their discomfort caused by TMJ with the AO treatment and the back treatment. As well, Dr. Eric provides deep tissue massage therapy that can help relieve the muscle tension around the temporomandibular joint through stimulating blood flow, which reduces inflammation.