Causes, Symptoms, Treatment of TMJ

Has your jaw been popping or making clicking sounds? TMJ is very common and affects an estimated fourteen to eighteen percent of Americans. This is known as Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ), a subconscious pattern that can be corrected with proper treatment. Teeth grinding, clinching, popping, persistent jaw tension and headaches make it that much more difficult to sleep through the night. In addition, you feel mentally and physically drained during the day. In fact, the TMJ/Jaw is the strongest muscle of the body. When your jaw remains tense it sends that tension throughout the entire body. Long term TMJ tension can contribute to migraines, headaches, sleep disorders, neck pain and other conditions.

Common Causes of TMJ- TMD

The exact cause of TMJ is often unclear, however it commonly develops after a head, jaw, or neck injury, such as a car accident, whiplash injury or direct blow to the head.  TMJ appears to be directly linked to migraines, headaches and neck pain. 

Chronic, long term -TMJ can be triggered by a number of things, including: 

  • history of car accident/whiplash/head or neck trauma
  • sleeping problem - stomach sleeping
  • muscle tension from stress
  • neck pain
  • medications

If left untreated TMJ can lead to more severe facial pain, headaches, neck pain, sleep disorders even making it difficult to chew food. The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) combines a hinge action with sliding motions. The parts of the bones that interact in the joint are covered with cartilage and are separated by a small shock absorbing disk, which normally makes the movement smooth.

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I am extremely grateful for Dr. Pragle and relieved that he was able to help me. I suffered with a number of issues such as TMJ, neck, shoulder, chest, hip and back pain for years. Dr. Pragle was patient, kind and very knowledgeable. The AO Treatment he uses a long with his Body Bridge and deep tissue massage was gentle and extremely effective. My quality of sleep and energy has improved greatly and my pain has subsided tremendously. I was very much a skeptic at first but after his treatments I would highly recommend Dr. Pragle to anyone. - Jessica

TMJ Symptoms

  •  Jaw tension or tenderness
  • Difficulty opening or closing mouth
  • Hard to chew dense foods
  • Locking or clicking noises from the jaw
  • bruxism- loud teeth grinding, especially at night
  • pain around the ear
  • poor sleep quality
  • Migraines or Headaches
  • Neck Pain

TMJ Treatment

  • Find TMJ relief at Pragle Chiropractic And Massage Therapy with the AO Treatment, Back Treatment and Massage Therapy. 
  • Deep Tissue Massage Therapy can be helpful in easing the muscle tension around the TMJ Joint allowing the joint to relax and move more fluidly.  The muscles of the TMJ joint are extremely tense and often ridden with trigger points and muscle knots.