At Pragle Chiropractic And Massage Therapy we strive to have the best reviews for Tallahassee chiropractors.  Here is a small sample of Facebook reviews.


5 Star Facebook Review

"Dr.Pragle fixed all my woes about my back tightening up out of nowhere. He has a very holistic approach which I appreciated and doesn't try to draw out your treatment plan to make himself more money. I was skeptical at first because his adjustments were so gentle but the pain free results spoke for themselves. He also is really great with runners being one himself and understands the common issues and provides expert solutions. Athlete or not if you are in need of some help he is a great and friendly doctor to go to."


5 Star Facebook Review

"Dr. Pragle is a miracle man! I had chronic neck and shoulder issues that caused severe pain and numbing in fingers. My right lower back was in constant pain for years also. I went to see Dr. Pragle and with the combination of the massaging and the treatment with his special procedure, the pain is gone!!! I only went a couple of times after the treatment for my lower back issue but have not been back in several months. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone who does not like pain! His relaxation massages are awesome, too!!!"

- Robin

5 Star Facebook Review

"It has been over 2 months now since my visit to Dr. Pragle & I still feel healthier overall. The AO treatment is amazing. I sleep better & have more energy since the treatment. I recommend that anyone should go for a first time consultation to find out if Dr. Pragle can help them to improve their health. In most cases I believe he will help in some way."