Causes, Symptoms, Treatment of Shoulder Pain 

Are you looking for shoulder pain relief? Many people are in the same situation with an estimated 25% of americans who suffer from some sort shoulder pain or rotator cuff injury.  Many people also feel tense and aching shoulders as well.  Most of us think the neck or shoulder aches and pains will eventually go away especially with the right pillow, exercise or stretch.  However, if the shoulder pain has been persistent longer than a week, its time to get it examined by a doctor.

Some Causes of Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can be caused  by a number of things, including:  sports injury (especially throwing sports), poor ergonomics at home or work, sleeping position (Stomach sleeping), whiplash caused by a car crash, a slip and fall or even a blow to the head.  If left untreated, minor shoulder/rotator cuff injuries often worsen causing frozen shoulder, making it hard to sleep or perform daily activities.  

Symptoms of Shoulder Pain

  • Numbness/Tingling in arms and hands
  • Neck and Shoulder Pain when turning head
  • Muscle knot or trigger point in the shoulders
  • Restricted shoulder motion

Stretches That Help Shoulder Pain

1.  Neck Release – Sit up straight then slowly, gently bring your chin toward your chest until you feel the stretch in the back of your neck. Try leaning your head to the left to stretch your right shoulder or leaning your head to the right to stretch your left shoulder. Hold the stretches up to 20 seconds in each direction, breathing deeply as you concentrate on relaxing. Repeat 1-2 times.  The exhale of breathing is where you want to gently press into stretch but always listen to your body.  If anything feels tender or painful, stop immediately.

2.  Arm Across-Chest Stretch – Hold your right hand out in front of you, keeping it next to your waist. Reach your left hand behind your elbow, pulling your right arm to the left and across your chest. If you feel pain in your shoulder, release or lower your arm until the pain subsides. The goal is to be able to pull your right arm across your chest without feeling any pain. Hold for 10-20 seconds then relax and repeat with your left arm. Repeat 1-2 times.  Sometimes using a mirror can be helpful to maintain good form.

Shoulder Pain Treatments 

  • Pragle Chiropractic And Massage Therapy offers gentle treatments of shoulder or rotator cuff injuries or shoulder pain with the AO Treatment plus medical massage therapy.  
  • Medical Massage Therapy is effective for releasing adhesions in the neck and shoulders while promoting healing and relaxation.  Massage is a great way to improve the range of motion for the shoulder.