Causes, Symptoms, Treatment of Neck Pain

Does your neck pain affect your daily life? Many other people are in the same situation with an estimated 60% of americans who suffer from some sort of neck pain.  Many people also feel tense and aching shoulders as well.  Most of us think the neck aches and pains will eventually go away especially with the right pillow, exercise or stretch.


Neck pain can be caused  by a number of things, including:  poor ergonomics at home or work, sleeping position (Stomach sleeping), whiplash caused by a car accidents, sports injury, a slip and fall or even a blow to the head.  If left untreated, minor neck injuries often worsen causing severe pain, making it hard to sleep or perform daily activities.  

Natural Ways To Relieve Neck Pain

  • Pillow Time - the best pillow for your neck pain depends on how you sleep.  If your a side sleeper, a firmer pillow that supports your head and prevents shoulder tension from building up is very important.  A head tilt, all night long, creates neck and shoulder tension.  If your a back sleeper, consider a contour pillow to support the natural curve in your neck.  These pillow are available online or at your chiropractor's office.  If your a tummy/stomach sleeper, it's time to retrain yourself.  A body pillow is a good transitional pillow to help you sleep more on your side.
  • Improve your posture - If your at work sitting for many hours, it is wise to take a break every 30 -40 minutes to stand up and stretch.  Set a timer to remind yourself because it is very easy to get carried away with a task.  Be aware of your posture while your seating, imagine a string from the top of your head, gently pulling you straight.  These are two habits that you can create that will be very helpful in maintaining and improving your posture.


  • Headaches
  • Numbness/Tingling in arms and hands
  • Neck and Shoulder Pain
  • Muscle knot or trigger point in the shoulders
  • Head Tilt or Rotated in pictures
  • Pain when Turning Head
  • Sharp shooting pain

Neck Pain Treatments 

  • Dr. Eric, a gentle chiropractor, offers effective treatments for neck pain with the AO Treatment plus medical massage therapy.  
  • Medical Massage Therapy is effective for releasing trigger points or adhesions in the neck and shoulders while promoting healing and relaxation.  Massage Therapy is a great way to improve the range of motion for the neck.