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Supreme Facial Systems:

Komboucha Clarity Facial - 1,000 Rejuvenating Roses Facial - Sun Spot Salvation Facial - Radiance Resurgence Facial:

All facials include a customized massage to specifically cater to your exact skin care needs: lymphatic drainage with manual face and neck lifting treatments. Each of our systems are 100% naturally derived with only the highest quality ingredients.  

Let your message to the world be abundantly clear as well as your skin. Sometimes life takes us to unexpected places (eg: those times you see every alum you went to school with practically in one grocery/shopping trip during laundry day). The future is not set in stone.  Treat yourself to the thorough facial you deserve. Below is a brief overview of each facial line.


1) Komboucha Clarity Facial is an immaculate line of 100% natural acne fighting products that are gentle, yet potent, providing immediate inflammation reduction, acne and blackhead diminution, enlarged pore minimization, and neutralizes over oil production. Also, a phenomenal line for treating rosacea skin conditions. Includes a specialized facial and lymphatic massage for exceptional overall clarity. Sashay away Proactiv. This line is here to stay. (Also, comes with an adjustable medium to high frequency electrode treatment that targets scalp issues-promoting hair growth. There are a myriad of customized electrodes formulated for the healing and sterilization of more stubborn facial, décolleté, and bodily flare ups. Utilized upon request.

2) 1,000 Rejuvenating Roses Facial is a "must try" system for those of you seeking that seemingly unattainable fountain of youth. This line contains Rose which noticeably reduces wrinkles, plumps the skin, and provides the skin with the ideal ratio of vitamin C and hyaluronic acid to promote collagen and elastin recovery. Targeted massage and conducive facial manipulations to manually lift the skin and prevent or reverse sagging neck line. Be the envy at your high school reunion.

3) Sun Spot Salvation Facial is entirely pertinent in a state nicknamed the "Sun Shine State", especially since it always manages to live up to its blazing moniker. A 100% natural product line that consistently delivers imminent sun spot and hyperpigmentation reduction. As it plumps the skin with its Vitamin C healing properties, it fundamentally tones and firms the skin. Upgrade to a glycolic peel and fortify this already miraculous facial system.

4) Radiance Resurgence Facial is something we all must experience once in a new moon. This line will bring you renewed skin that looks and feels stunning; alluringly smooth to the touch. Avoiding harmful microdermabrasion (that leaves micro-scarring & abrasions), we utilize 100% natural glycolic peels, manual sloughing of necessary skin cell turnover via specialized facial massage, and luxurious exfoliants that are certified to produce the healthiest of complexions. Comes with a high frequency electrode treatment that encourages circulation, toning, lymphatic drainage, increased glandular activity, germicidal action on the skin, and deeper absorption of the product line.