How Chiropractic Care Can Provide Lower Back Pain Relief in Tallahassee, Florida


Does your lower back hurt or ache often? In 2018, consider joining the millions of Americans who have found chiropractic adjustments to be a drug-free, effective lower back pain treatment for lasting lower back pain relief because people are starting to realize the natural approach to healthcare is the way to go.  

Your spine column, made up of 24 stacked vertebrae, is what protects your nervous system, relaying nerve signals between your mind and body.  It allows your body to move, twist, and bend through every motion of your day to day routine. The central nervous system that controls and every muscle, tissue, ligament and organ of the body. This is why we believe the first step to an active lifestyle is a properly aligned spine with an optimized nervous system. (1)

When two or more vertebrae aren't functioning together properly, it is what many chiropractors refer to as a subluxation or a misalignment. The Atlas vertebrae being the most moveable joint in the spine is the most likely to be misaligned or subluxed.  These subluxations or misalignments are mechanical joint compressions that can cause you to experience pain in the lower back, sciatica, discomfort, decreased mobility, or many other symptoms and conditions.  Joint compressions often go unnoticed and can cause miscommunication between your brain and body while irritating the spinal joints, nerves, muscles and even artery blood flow. (2)

According to WebMD, spinal manipulation and chiropractic care are well-researched and considered a safe, effective treatment for a pain in the lower back, the sudden pain from moving heavy objects like furniture or getting tackled in a football game.  In addition, evidence suggest chiropractic may be helpful treating neck pain, headaches, and fibromyalgia with the moderate pressure applied by both chiropractors and deep tissue massage therapists. (3)  The neat thing about a chiropractic adjustment is that they trigger your body's natural abilities to heal without masking the symptoms.  Chiropractors also identify more effective ways to improve your healing like improving; exercise, nutrition or diet, sleep, workplace ergonomics, as well as natural supplements. (4)

Here's 3 Other Benefits Of Chiropractic

  1. Better Posture - Most of us spend our days, bent forward hunching over computers, phones and other work; causing tremendous strain on our neck, shoulder and back muscles.  Consistent spinal manipulations improves spinal curvatures which helps to improve your posture.
  2. Stress Relief - When your body's nervous system is weakened by a subluxation or misalignment your entire muscular and skeletal system are not working properly.  This can create mental and physical stresses leaving you with lasting aches and pains.  Once you get your spine realigned it helps relax your muscles and creates improved communications between your brain and body, helping to stimulate a healthy recovery.
  3. Improved Sleep - Many sleep problems are due to stress, headaches, neck and back pains.  Treating these pains with gentle chiropractic care can improve sleep quality, so you can fall asleep and sleep deeply at night. (5)

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