Natural Weight Loss in Tallahassee, FL


Getting healthy naturally is not easy because of all the confusing and contradictory health messages that we get in the media, most of which are driven by marketing to sell us that one special health thing that will change our health for the better.  Well the first place to start for a better, leaner and healthier body is our nutrition both food and water.  Eating fat-burning foods in your diet:  Treating your body "like gold" is an important first step to getting rid of belly fat. 

  • Increasing your metabolism is one of the quickest ways to burn unwanted adipose. Focus on eating whole foods, especially raw green vegetables, when you’re trying to lose belly fat. 

  • Protein and fiber rich foods are also a good source of energy if you’re trying to lose inches around your waist such as fruits, vegetables, organic, natural meats like fish, beef and chicken, nuts etc.(1)

2.  Avoiding high levels of synthetic sugar:  Refined and processed sugars, especially corn syrup, are very hard for your body to digest.  Avoiding these is key to maintaining a lean body weight, and avoiding extra pounds and inches to the midsection. Most people unknowingly consume these kinds of sugars, especially around holidays, because they are so heavily marketed at the grocery store.

  • When consuming a lot of processed sugar, the liver gets overloaded with fructose, and is forced to turn it all into adipose.  Depending on your family history, this extra fat is stored in the belly, thighs, face, or arms.

  • Many research studies have shown that too much processed sugar, and a lack of physical exercise, can lead to an increased risk of diabetes, type 2, which is an epidemic in america.

  • Stay away from sugar enriched drinks like juices, energy drinks, and soda(2)  Cokes, in particular, is filled with corn syrup which is very difficult for our bodies.

3.  Mindfulness when your eating:  We’ve all fallen victim to mindlessly eating an entire tub of ice cream, while catching up with our favorite shows. When you’re not aware of your portion size, it’s easy to consume more than your body needs.

  • drinking plenty of filter water is very important to filling full, especially when you first wake up in the morning.

  • Slowing down the pace of chewing your food can help you be more conscious of how much exactly you’re eating.  Choose to use smaller spoon and fork sizes.

  • Meal prepping is a great way to not only control the portion size of each of the meals you consume daily, but is time and cost effective when shopping at the grocery store.

  • Dealing with emotional stress by comfort eating can quickly add extra calories to your diet.  It's important to figure out better ways to handle stressors in your life. (3)

 Dr. Pragle is a trained expert in combining top-notch scientific research & natural supplements to create individual balance. His firm belief that each person is a unique being & should be treated as such is a paramount concept in his development of specific, individualized wellness protocols using state of the art nutrient formulas for pain relief and weight loss.

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