Drug- Free Migraine Treatment For Adults And Children - Tallahassee , Fl

Looking for a drug-free migraine treatment? Over 3 million causes of migraines are documented each year in the United States alone. Migraines can affect both children and adults, with women being affected more often in adulthood than men.

 Migraine symptoms can include, but are not limited to:

  • Throbbing pain in a specific area

  • Nausea

  • Sensitivity to light and sound

  • Dizziness/lightheadedness

  • Visual disturbances*

  • Irritability

 The visual disturbances mentioned above can be referred to as an “aura,” which occurs right before a migraine attack.

 Risk factors for migraine attacks can include a family history of migraines, age, sex, and hormonal changes. Many migraine sufferers can also note triggers that lead to an attack. Triggers can include:

  • The consumption of certain foods

  • Alcohol

  • Caffeine

  • Poor sleep

  • Stress and anxiety

 If you find yourself experiencing any of these symptoms, start logging your headaches and reflect on anything that may have triggered them. Migraines can last 4-72 hours and can be sporadic or occur numerous times a month. If the symptoms persist, see a doctor.

 Treatments for migraines can range from avoiding triggers through self-care, to medications, or alternative therapies. Studies have shown the effect chiropractic treatments have on those suffering from migraine attacks. Participants in a study conducted in Australia reported fewer attacks and a lessened need to take medication for their migraine pain. 80% of the participants blamed stress as a trigger for their attacks, so researchers concluded that chiropractic treatment physically helped to reduce the body’s reaction to stress.

 Massage therapy has also been shown to relieve migraine pain because of the serotonin released in the body while getting a massage. Low serotonin levels have been linked as a cause of migraines, so restoring the serotonin can relieve pain associated with migraines. Massage therapy can be effective as both a preventative treatment for migraines as well as during the acute stage of an attack.

 Dr. Eric Pragle has experience treating migraines with chiropractic care, massage therapy, and with the AO treatment. For information about how to reduce migraine attacks and symptoms, please visit Pragle Chiropractic and Massage Therapy at www.praglechiro.com or call 850-508-5951.

 Posted by Natalie Burdick