Does Personal Injury Chiropractic Help with Whiplash From A Car Accident?

Posted By Dr. Eric Pragle

Considering personal injury chiropractic after a car accident? Do you have annoying neck or back pain after an accident? An estimated four million whiplash injuries occur per year, not to mention the concurrent millions of car accident-related concussions.  Many people, initially feel soreness as their bodies have released chemicals to block the pain.  The symptoms of a whiplash can be subtle and may appear later, up to 4-6 weeks, after the car accident many lasting for years.


  • Headache or feeling of pressure 
  • Neck And Shoulder Pain
  • Dizziness
  • Ringing of the Ear
  • Disoriented
  • Brain Fog

Whiplash Treatments 

Pragle Chiropractic And Massage Therapy offers gentle treatments for whiplash or neck pain with the AO Treatment plus medical massage therapy.  Medical Massage Therapy helps to reduce muscle spasms, release tension and promote healing and relaxation.  After being injured in an auto accident, it's also important to regain full range of motion of the neck and reduce inflammation as quick as possible.

Personal Injury Protection is car insurance designed to help you recovery after an accident.

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