Car Accident? A Chiropractor Discusses What To Do After An Accident

posted by Dr. Eric Pragle

Car accidents are anyone’s nightmare. It adds stress and can certainly affect your health. One of the most frequently questions is whether which treatment is best after the injury. Commonly the hospital is the number one choice for an extensive auto accident. However, hospitals tend to focus on internal bleeding, broken bones, and overall dangerous physical damages.But, what happens when there’s chronic arthritic issues,soft tissue injuries, and untreated muscle pains? This is where Chiropractic care comes into place after car accidents. Even small accidents can lead to injuries such as whiplash.


Of course, if there’s any sort of pain after the accident, this is a good indication that you need medical assistance. If you’ve been in an auto accident, you need to be treated by a doctor who is familiar with accident injuries. Since car accident injuries can be hidden, not relieving pain or limited mobility until months or years laters, it is important to make a consultation with chiropractor as soon as possible.


At Pragle Chiropractic and Massage Therapy we’re trained to detect hidden injuries. If any injuries are revealed with the initial assessment, we focus in creating personalized care plan for you and your specific injuries. Our care plan includes deep tissue massages, trigger point therapy, and AO treatment. The goal is to restore the health of your spine and surrounding muscles. More importantly, after an accident, there may be strained muscles and untolerable pain, with a series of adjustments we can straighten these issues out so you can go on a live a healthy life free of pain.