Looking for Lower Back Pain Relief?

posted by Dr. Eric Pragle, DC, LMT

Lower back pain relief can be elusive.  Back pain is a serious condition that can affect your ability to perform. With the different approaches there’s a possibility of minimizing pain. However, everybody is different so through trial and error there’s a chance you’ll find the right treatment. We have created a the following list to address the pain. First, make sure you get enough sleep. This is most often the most overlooked reason for lower back pain. Usually, patients that suffer from pain have a difficult time sleeping. Which in this case, doesn’t make it any better. Ironically, inadequate sleep can make the pain even worse. This is why we emphasize getting the best mattress and pillow on the market. Considering we spend approximately 3,000 hours in bed a year, it’s the best investment you could ever make on yourself.

Another reason is exercising at least three times a week. Working out thirty minutes a day won’t take up much of your time. Specifically, you want to focus on your core, which will improve your back health drastically. The reason for this is that these muscles don’t get much exercise during a regular day unless they’re targeted. If you’re starting out, simple exercises such as sitting upright on an exercise ball for 30 minutes a day will engage your core. However, always keep in mind perform these exercises in a controlled, gradual, and progressive manner. This will avoid further injury and help you distribute nutrients into the disc space and soft tissues in the back to keep them healthy.

Finally, cold and hot therapy can work wonders. Benefits of cold therapy include decreased inflammation and also acts as a local anesthetic slowing down nerve impulses. On the other hand, heat therapy stimulates blood flow and inhibits the pain messages being sent to the brain. Fill an old sock with rice and make a knot, place it in the microwave for a few minutes and Voila! You have made your own heat pack. Obviously, that was only one option. Heat comes in different forms including bath, soaking in a hot tub, and hot water bottle. So next time you come into our office, grab one of our incredible bath bombs (moroccan vanilla is my favorite), to use in a hot bath to relieve lower back pain!

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