Top 3 Ways for Better Sleep as Discussed by a Chiropractor Near Madision, Fl

posted by Dr. Eric Pragle ,DC, LMT

zzzzzzzzzz's are a big deal. Their vital to your health and many people do not get enough quality zzzzz's.  Here are 3 ways to get more quality sleep:

  1. Mattresses are a big deal.  Many people sleep on worn out mattresses that compress their bodies causing neck, shoulder, and back pains to name a few.  Make sure your mattress is primed not to old and of a good quality.  We recommend latex mattresses which are all natural without chemicals or coils.
  2. Pillows are super important especially for side sleepers.  We find that most pillows do not fill the gap in between the neck and shoulders so most people spend all night with their heads tilted over slightly causing shoulder knows tension and various pains.  We use the tempor pedic neck pillow (large profile) as it is one of the only pillow we could find that supports the neck when side sleeping, on the back or when turning from side to side without having to adjust the pillow.
  3. Going to sleep before 10 pm is ideal as our bodies have key hormones which peak during sleep between 10-12 pm helping to grow our muscles and bones.  If you go to sleep past 11 or 12pm your body misses out on these key hormones that build health and help recover.

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