Exercising In Tallahassee Is Simple And Easy!

Getting outside and moving or exercising in Tallahassee is fun and easy to do with all of our amazing city and state parks.  Maintaining a steady workout routine is perhaps the most obvious tip for getting fit. What most don’t take into consideration is that recent studies have indicated cardio workouts can significantly reduce body mass index (BMI) better than simply just using ab-targeting workouts.

  1.  Walking, Jogging, and bicycling in some of Tallahassee great parks is a great way to not only reduce body weight, but also improve overall cardiovascular health
  2. Squats with kettle bells are also an alternative to add into your workouts and can potentially lose ~900-950 calories/hr.
  3. Working out at a fitness club is also a safe and predictable way to get consistent exercise.  Places like Orange Theory, BURN, Premier Health & Fitness, Planet Fitness, and Youfit Health Clubs are common fitness clubs for working out.

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posted by Dr Eric Pragle