Mindfulness At The Holidays: 3 Ways To Avoid Over-Eating

Holidays are right around the corner.  So it's time to start preparing now.  It's important to develop a mindful awareness when your eating and drinking at parties, get together's or when your traveling on the road or in a plane.  Not to say, we shouldn't cut loose and have a good time but we don't want to go overboard and feel worse the next day.  Here are 3 ways to avoid eating and drinking too much:

  1. Mindfulness when your eating:  We’ve all fallen victim to our eyes being bigger than our stomachs; especially around Thanksgiving and Christmas meals; many people go to parties with large varieties of very visually appealing food. When you’re not paying attention to portions of the foods, it’s easy to get distracted and consuming more than you need.  
  2. Slowing down the pace in which you consume food can help you be more conscious of how much exactly you’re eating.

  3. Drinking plenty of filter water is very important to filling full, especially before heading over to a celebration or hosting one.

It's important to celebrate and have fun with our friends and family but at the same token, we want to not let it hurt our health.  Happy Holidays from Pragle Chiropractic And Massage!

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Posted By Dr. Eric Pragle