Lower Back Stretches To Relieve Pain In Tallahassee, FL

Low back pain is the worst, it's so annoying! When you bend over or straighten up from sitting or lying down and your back "grabs".  Back pain affects so many people and can become such a hindrance to your life and overall health, that's it's a good idea to trying to both relieve the back pain as well as figure out natural ways, drug-free, of preventing the back from flaring up to begin with.

Here's 2 Stretches For The Lower Back

  1. When sitting:  cross one ankle over the opposite thigh, then gently pull that knee to the opposite shoulder.  This stretches the hip really well, which is a big source of back pain.

  2. When laying on your bed or floor:  gently pull your knee to your chest; then switch and do the other side.

  • avoid sitting to long at work without getting up and moving around; try to stand up and move around every 40 minutes or so.

  • drink plenty of filtered water and get extra rest at night

  • wear supportive and cushioned shoes, especially if you have flat feet or fallen arches

  • good supportive bed that is not to old with a pillow that is comfortable for your neck

Yoga, done with good form, especially sun salutation can be effective for easing back and hip pains.  Important to learn proper poses from a professional. (1)

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posted by Dr. Eric Pragle