Dr. Axe Discusses Health With Dr. Eric Pragle, a Chiropractor In Tallahassee

Dr. Josh Axe is a health expert with over 2.1 Million followers on Facebook, (click to share this valuable post).  The main topics include: home remedies, nutrition, natural medicine, essential oil usage, fitness, and healthy recipes.  He also has one of the most visited natural health websites in the world, Draxe.com, with more than 15 million monthly viewers.  Dr. Axe and Dr. Eric Pragle, both chiropractors from Life University, met at a Health And Fitness Summit, where Dr. Axe was the featured speaker.

Interestingly, he has been a regular guest on the Dr. Ox show, discussing things like weight loss, digestive health and herbal medicine.  Dr. Josh Axe, with Jordan Rubin, (CEO of Axe Wellness), founded Ancient Nutrition Supplement company that produces bone broth protein powders.  

As a doctor of chiropractic and avid researcher, he has been instrumental in educating millions of people about the top benefits of natural medicine in 2017 including:

  1. 10 Researched Benefits of Chiropractic Adjustments

  2. 8 Massage Therapy Benefits

  3. Essential Oil Guide

  4. Natural Remedies 

  5. Lower Back Pain Relief

  6. Neck Pain or Stiffness Treatment

  7. Natural Migraine Treatments

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Posted By Dr. Eric Pragle, DC, LMT