Neck And Shoulder Pain Causes And Natural Treatments In Tallahassee

Do you find yourself constantly bending, twisting or stretching to get relief from neck and shoulder tensions? Many neck aches or pains come from a single occasion where you may have turned your head around fast or had your head and neck whiplashed like in an auto accident or direct head on the head.  While many people unknowingly irritate their neck and shoulders by the ergonomics of how they stand, sit, sleep or relax.  Poor postures totally aggravate the joints of the spine, nerves and surrounding muscles andligaments.

Neck And Shoulder Pain Causes

  • Subtle muscle strains (micro-traumas) in the shoulders and neck area; usually due to poor postures affecting the nerves in the cervical and thoracic spine (common things like text with your head flexed forward, holding a phone cradled between you neck and shoulder, sitting on a hard floor and especially sleeping on your stomach or a twisted position) (1)

  • a history of cervical or thoracic spine issues; things like herniated disc/bulging discs (commonly C4-C6), osteoarthritis/spinal stenosis, cervical degenerative disc disease, and scoliosis.

  • a quick jerk of the neck; things like lifting heavy furniture, falling off a ladder, lifting heavy weights in the weight room or when driving and whipping your neck fast to see oncoming traffic. (2)

Neck And Shoulder Pain Symptoms 

Minor neck and shoulder pain symptoms typically clear up in several days but it can last much longer, into the weeks and months.  Many people get some improvement then stress at work or a bad night's sleep makes it worse again. (3)

  • tense shoulder muscles 
  • unable to look over one of the shoulders
  • arm numbness or tingling
  • loss of cervical range of motion when tucking the chin to the chest or turning head
  • soreness, tightness or pain in the neck
  • hand numbness or tingling
  • tension headaches

Natural Neck And Shoulder Pain Treatments

Odds are, your neck or shoulder stiffness can be relieved without drugs or surgeries.  A general consideration, it's wise to find a qualified health care professional, if the neck and shoulder pain symptoms do not improve within a week.  It real important to prevent an annoying neck ache from becoming a long term chronic pain.  Recent scientific evidence suggests chiropractic care is a more effective treatment for chronic neck pains than medications. (4)

  1. Dr. Eric offers gentle, drug-free treatments for neck and shoulder pains with the AO Treatment
  2. Medical Massage Therapy is also effective for releasing trigger points in the neck and shoulders while promoting healing and relaxation. 
  3. Dr. Eric Pragle helps people find neck pain relief by examining your neck range of motion, cervical spine joints and the surrounding muscle tone and tissue quality.  Then he recommends a specific treatment plan.  He also recommends posture exercises and gentle neck stretches to assist in the healing process. 

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