TMJ Remedies And Natural Treatments In Tallahassee

Does your jaw pop or click when eating hard foods?  TMJ is an annoying condition where the joint and surrounding jaw muscles are under extra stress and tension.  Here are some remedies to consider when seeking relief:

TMJ Remedies and Natural Solutions: (1)

  •  Getting quality sleep - A good night’s sleep while sleeping on your side using a pillow for support between your neck and shoulder is important
  • Stress reduction - TMJ and stress have been linked in many ways. Relaxation practices such as meditation, mindfulness,exercising, stretching, and a combination of yoga, massage therapy can help to the jaw under control
  • Essential oils - Gently rubbing essential oils (like lavender) to the region of pain can help to reduce the irritation; consider diluting your oils with a carrier oil like olive oil.

Icepack or warm compresses - Applying icepacks or warm compresses against your jaw 1-2 times a day can help to lower inflammation, improve circulation, and relax the muscles. Some people prefer using ice because it helps to numb pain receptors and release endorphins to naturally block pain

Eating An Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Changing your food choices can help to lower inflammation around the joints in the jaw, which would in turn help reduce swelling of the jaw muscles. An whole foods diet could include:

  1. Soft foods like ; soups, stews, smoothies, cooked/steamed vegetables
  2. Leafy green vegetables are high in electrolytes (like magnesium, potassium, and calcium) to help prevent muscle spasms in the masseter mm.
  3. Omega-3 foods, such as fish like salmon, to help fight inflammation naturally and improve circulation
  4. Eating small meals throughout the day to stabilize blood sugar levels and prevent fluctuations that can increase teeth clenching                                                                    

Poor posture and problems with tightness of muscles in the cervical spine can contribute to jaw problems. As a matter of fact, the TMJ/Jaw is the strongest muscle in the body and can send tension to the rest of the body when tense, causing many of the symptoms seen in TMD.

Can a Chiropractor Help My TMJ? 

When thinking about a painful problem that has to do with your jaw or mouth, the first doctor you think of would probably be a dentist, not a chiropractic physician; however, a visit to your local top rated chiropractor could be your solution to start alleviating your TMJ-related pain.

A study done by the Tokyo medical and dental university found that people who used natural practices and jaw exercises helped to reduce TMJ symptoms faster than those who used jaw splints. Participants who used holistic practices such as maintaining good posture and eating soft foods in their diet saw improvements in their mouth-opening range and reductions in pain more so than their counterparts who wore maxillary stabilization appliances while sleeping at night.

In Tallahassee, the demanding nature of classes in students can cause high stress levels that may lead to TMJ. Pragle Chiropractic and Massage Therapy provides a calming environment, where clients of all types can alleviate their discomfort caused by TMJ with the AO treatment and the back treatment. As well, Lini, LMT provides deep tissue massage therapy that can help relieve the muscle tension around the temporomandibular joint through stimulating blood flow and releasing muscles adhesions.

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Posted by Dr. Eric Pragle