Better Posture in Tallahassee with The AO Treatment

posted by Dr. Eric Pragle, LMT, DC

Better Posture, Better Health in the New Year! Good posture is the foundation of good health.  Many people make new years resolutions or goals which focus on improving health.  The posture is a great place to start as it is so important to not only how your body functions but also how you feel.  when you stand taller, you can breath easier and move more fluidly which are real helpful for increasing exercising and losing weight in the new year.  The AO Treatment is an excellent way to instantly improve your posture.  When the atlas vertebrae is aligned properly the rest of the spine re- aligns as well for improved posture.

What changes can I expect from the AO Treatment?

If your like many people, you have had one or more health issues for a long time.  However, as soon as the atlas is gently re-aligned your body can begin to heal itself.  This means the muscles relax with blood and oxygen increase throughout the body. 

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