Brianna Share's How She Recovered From A Car Accident In Tallahassee, Florida

Posted By Dr. Eric Pragle, LMT, DC

It's so easy to get into a car accident and for many people it's very hard to recover. Here is a google review for the AO Treatment from Pragle Chiropractic And Massage Therapy.

5 Star Review

I absolutely love going to Dr. Pragle for my adjustments because I know it won't be a painful experience. I have had about 5 appointments with Dr. Pragle and within the first 2 appointments I felt I was good as new. Since I have never been to a chiropractor in 21 years, I was surprised at how fast my body healed after a having back problems all my life. I really do recommend Dr. Pragle and Bryce for any physical pain. I had a a facial, back massage, and foot soak/massage and each and every time I was extremely comfortable. Bryce makes sure he doesn't give off any bad energy and makes the room very relaxing. He gives you a choice of what music you would like to listen to and even offered snacks and a drink. I am very grateful I could have the experience I did with people who truly care about my health. -  Brianna

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