Looking for Weight Loss, Naturally in Tallahassee?

Posted by Dr. Eric

Don't give up on looking and feeling good! I know it can be a struggle to find the health and wellness that you are used to.  Here are some simple supplements that can aid your body in getting back to healthy weight and energy levels.  The synergistic blend of gentle spine alignments, improved sleeping, natural supplements and walking more can revolutionize your health.

Beyond Biology's main ingredient in Mangodrene is (African Mango).  Several studies demonstrate the weight loss properties of African Mango. (1) In the largest placebo controlled human study on this ingredient, those taking African Mango lost 28 pounds over a 10-week period compared to only up to 3 pounds in the placebo group. (2) The study participants did not alter their diet.

Beyond Biology Thermozene (Calcium Pyruvate) is involved in energy production, fat and protein metabolism and glycogen storage, potentially enhancing fat loss, sparing lean body mass while increasing endurance.  May help support those who are able to maintain a regular exercise routine, but have trouble losing weight to burn fat without nervousness commonly associated with most other over the counter thermogenic fat burners.  Pyruvate is a substance that naturally occurs in the body.

This amazing amino acid L Glutamine helps tone muscles and tighten loose skin.  It is produced naturally by the body and is critical during times of physical stress. Under stressful conditions glutamine may be considered a conditionally essential amino acid. Intense workouts may deplete our bodies natural levels of glutamine faster than it is able to replace it. This results in a potential breakdown of muscle tissue. 

Dr. Eric Pragle, DC, LMT is a trained expert in Tallahassee, FL in combining top-notch scientific research & natural supplements to create individual balance. His firm belief that each person is a unique being & should be treated as such is a paramount concept in his development of specific, individualized wellness protocols using state of the art nutrient formulas for weight loss in Tallahassee, FL. Please visit www.praglechiro.com to learn more.