Chiropractor in Tallahassee, FL Discusses Migraine Triggers

Posted by Dr. Eric Pragle, DC

There are many causes for headaches and migraines but here are a few of the more common triggers for Migraines.

A number of factors may trigger migraines, including:

  1. Female hormonal changes in women. Fluctuations in estrogen seem to trigger headaches in many women. Women with a history of migraines often report headaches immediately before or during their periods, when they have a major drop in estrogen.  Others have an increased tendency to develop migraines during pregnancy, post hysterectomy, or during menopause.

    Hormonal medications, such as oral contraceptives & hormone replacement therapy, also may worsen migraine headaches. Listed below are a myriad of other factors that contribute to this exasperating recurrence known as the migraine:

  2. Foods. Aged cheeses, salty & processed foods, skipping meals, &/or prolonged fasting.
  3. Food additives. Artificial colors (red, blue, blue #4, etc.) & other artificial food additives inclusive of the sweetener aspartame & the ubiquitous preservative monosodium glutamate (MSG). Finally, MSG has begun to be outlawed, particularly in restaurants in New York City due to it's disturbing affect on human health. It has been banned in majority of European countries for decades now.
  4. Drinks. Alcohol, especially wine containing nitrites & nitrates, & highly caffeinated beverages (such as espresso & potent energy drinks aka par for the course arsenic in a mildly appealing can).
  5. Stress. Stress in the workplace & on the home front (strained relationships, tense familial ties, & surmounting/unilateral household obligations).
  6. Sensory stimuli. Bright lights, sun glare, clamorous sounds. Also, noxious smells/odors — including perfume, paint thinner, secondhand smoke, mold spores, benzene+ formaldehyde in household paints, cleaning products, bedding allergens, etc.
  7. Physical factors. Intense physical exertion, even including sexual activity, along with moving & strenuous workout regimens
  8. Medications. Oral contraceptives & vasodilators, such as nitroglycerin (used in people with heart conditions), can intensify migraines.
  9. Changes in sleep pattern. Missing sleep (especially due to activity on wireless devices late at night-the "blue light effect") or getting too much sleep. jet lag from long trips &/or changes in time zones.

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