Chiropractor in Tallahassee, FL Discusses Some Causes of Sciatica and Hip Pain

Common Causes of Sciatica

Sciatica is a very common and very annoying condition that typically flares up during certain positions or movements.  Here are some common ways sciatica can develop:


  • Many people strain or sprain their back doing house work or yard work.  For instance, vacuuming strenuously can aggravate a low back especially on thick carpet.  Another example, trimming high bushes or pulling weeds can also strain the back.  Slipping and falling is easy to do; especially on a clean, wet floor, around the bathtub or shower and even going up or down stairs in a home.


  • Many people have worn out or old beds which cause hip and back ache and pains, especially in the morning and often interrupting sleep at night.
  • Many people sleep in odd positions which aggravates and causes low back pain, especially stomach sleeping which aggravates the joints in the low back.


  • Many people have to sit at a desk 8- 10 hours a day with very little movement and inadequate chair lumbar support.  The hips and gluts get compressed with the sitting which causes misalignment in the hips and sacrum thus causing back pain. 
  • The long hours sitting both at work and in daily commutes also contributes greatly to weight gain and obesity which then puts more pressure on the hip, buttocks, and back contributing to back pain

Sports Injury

There are numerous causes of sciatica/hip pain including; day to day activities like bending over, standing, or sitting in a certain position for many hours, a slip or fall, sports injuries, worn out beds (or sleeping position), or an auto accident; all can contribute to back pain no matter how long ago.  Many people have a coupling of different traumas which then causes significant misalignment and inflammation to the back.  For instance, the combination of an old sports injury with a recent car crash can exacerbate the old injury. 

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