Chiropractor in Tallahassee Discusses Supportive Shoes

Posted By Dr. Eric Pragle

Have you been noticing pain in your feet, heels, knees or back? Wearing the wrong type of shoe may be the main contributor to all of this pain. Wearing proper shoes is a key element in maintaining your walking technique and preventing injury from the ground up. Unfortunately, most shoes are poorly made which means they aren't promoting the foots natural motion. Many shoes have tight forefoot spacing which strains your posture, causing strain on your muscles. Most shoes will also push the toes and forefoot into the shoe box, causing the force of impact to transfer up into the heel, knee, hip and back, resulting in pain in these areas and others. 

It is surprisingly easy to find the right type of shoe for your body. Most stores will offer their assistance in finding the needs for your specific arch and needed heel support. Although the right shoe for you may be costly, the price will never compare to the cost you'd have to disburse for injuries. Shoes affect the entire way your body functions and can cause unnecessary injury and pain. Paying the extra money for a good pair of shoes will always be worth it.  Good shoes also just feel good, so your more likely to walk or exercise regularly, which is always a good idea.

Every six months, the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, recommends that you replace your shoes. The midsole of your shoe can begin to wear away, and will no longer be a benefit to your body. 

If you experience a lot of foot pain you may need to add inserts into your shoes. Benefits of these are: 

  • Reduced foot pain
  • Distributes pressure while absorbing shock
  • Stabilizes foot motion
  • Arch support
  • Reduced heel, shin, knee and back pain 

Guidelines For Finding The Right Shoe: 

  • Find a shoe that doesn't slop from the heel to toe, the more level the shoe the better
  • Find a shoe with a wide toe box so your forefoot and toes can spread out and be engaged 
  • It's important to consider your posture when you try on shoes. Try walking around and standing before purchasing a new pair of shoes. The right shoe will have a level platform allowing you to stand with better posture more naturally
  • Finding fashionable shoes can be tricky. Find a shoe that makes you look and feel better! Never buy a shoe that isn't comfortable!
  • If needed, proper arch support isthe key ingredient to making everything better.

Pragle Chiropractic offers a gentle, affordable and convenient way of helping you get well fast. Dr. Pragle will always look at your feet and shoes to make sure you are wearing shoes that benefit your health. If your shoes are causing you pain and injuries, Dr. Pragle will offer recommendations. Book an appointment online today or call 850-508-5951. AO Chiropractic and Massage Therapy can by helpful in treating foot related health conditions. 

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