Chiropractor in Tallahassee, FL Discusses Why Your Sleeping Position is Important

Posted by Samantha Sarason, Intern 

Sleeping the wrong way is one of the most common reasons for back pain. About 1/3 of our lives are spent in our beds, so it make sense that sleeping can affect our bodies. Dr. Pragle always asks his patients what position they are sleeping in; on their side, back, or stomach. Many patients shift throughout the night, changing from their side, back, and stomachs. During REM sleep, our bodies are in a state of paralysis, but during the other sleep phases, our bodies are able to toss and turn. There is technically no "right" way to sleep, but there are strong recommendation of some positions over the others. Pillows are also extremely important for sleeping, they are there for support and nothing else. Using your pillow in the right place during sleep can lead less neck and back pain during the days. 

Stomach Sleepers 

People who experience lower back pain are often sleeping on their stomachs and should practice sleeping on their sides. Sleeping on your stomach hyper-extends your back and forces your neck to sleep rotated. This position is very unhealthy for the regions of your spine. 

Side Sleepers

For the people who sleep on their sides, it's recommended that they put a pillow in between their knees. The pillow will help keep the pelvis in its neutral position, minimizing the force on your sacroiliac joints, which can cause back pain. 

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers are recommended to keep a pillow underneath their knees. The pillow will allow your lower back spinal joints to slightly flex, which will prevent your joints from jamming during the night. 

Type of Pillow

There are many different types and materials for pillow. Pillows also have a wide variety of prices, that don't always reflect its comfort. The most popular types of pillows are; polyester, memory foam, buckwheat, and down alternative. Different types of pillows can be used for your head and for keeping between or under your knees. It all depends on what fits you, so find the pillow that works best for you!

Back and side sleeping are overall the best sleeping positions to prevent back pain. As long as you have the correct pillow and mattress you're one step closer to an ultimately healthy spine. Dr. Pragle has worked with many patients who experience back pain and trouble sleeping. Pragle Chiropractic focuses on gentle anti-aging treatments for sleep and back problems with the AO Treatment, Back Treatment and Customized Massage Therapy. The AO Treatment, Back Treatment, and Massage Therapy combination, can offer a solution to your pain that is a gentle, successful alternative for people who have tried everything. Dr. Pragle has successfully treated many people with these conditions and really enjoys helping them. 

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