Chiropractor in Tallahassee, FL at Pragle Chiropractic Discusses Sports Injuries

Posted By Dr. Eric Pragle, DC , LMT

People everyday have minor and major traumas or injuries to their bodies which cause misalignments in the spine, especially the Atlas vertebrae (which is the only freely moveable vertebrae in the spine).  For instance, sleeping on your stomach is a minor stress and injury to the spine but over 6-8 hours a night, months and years at a time, it creates stress on the muscles and often eventually causing a misalignment of the atlas.  Another example is sports, which although are fun and rewarding, cause repetitive micro traumas to the spine and muscles and again over time these become major impacts on the spine.  Major traumas are common in many sports and can create long lasting misalignments in the spine and result in decreased performance and pain.  Concussion are becoming more and more prevalent in contact- sports such as football, rugby, soccer, baseball, basketball etc.  Direct head traumas impact the brain and cause misalignments in the atlas vertebrae (at the base of head).  With a misalignment of the atlas vertebrae the resultant nerves and vertebral Artery which rest on the bone can be adversely affected, causing migraines, headaches, TMJ, dizziness (vertigo), and other residual pain, and symptoms.

The primary purpose of chiropractic is to gently realign the spine, taking the pressure off the nerves and increasing blood flow in the body, so the body can heal itself, naturally without the use of addictive medications, painful injections, or surgeries.  Our bodies, are self healing and are constantly adapting and healing as we adapt to our changing environment.  However, when we experience either micro traumas or major traumas it can become to much for our body to adapt to, so pain and various conditions result.  Especially, the misalignment of the atlas as it can affect 4 nerves, 2 arteries and 8 muscles which attach to the vertebrae and cause the whole body to shift in order to adapt to gravity, forcing the vertebrae, muscles, ligaments and nerves below to function in a more strained way.

At Pragle Chiropractic, Dr. Pragle gently re-aligns the spine and release the knots in the muscles to establish a new balance and symmetry in the body, which is ideal for self healing.  Dr. Pragle firmly believes, The Power that Made the Body, Heals the Body.  He has extensive experiences helping Olympic, Professional, Collegiate, and Recreational athletes reach their peak performances.  Please contact us at 850 508 5951 or Book Your Appointment at 

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