Foot Massage in Tallahassee, Florida @ Foot Sanctuary

posted by Dr. Eric Pragle

When was the last time you treated your feet?  We use them all the time without thinking about them.  Foot Massage and Foot soaks are an amazing treatment for your whole body not to mention the incredible relaxation.  At Pragle Chiropractic And Massage Therapy we offer the Foot Sanctuary that is a foot soak with a foot massage.  Come by when you need a refuge from the world.  That looks different depending on how you feel.  Sometimes, it means a quiet place to read or check out your facebook. Other times, you may need to close your eyes, quiet the mind and soak up the calmness.  Yet, other times you may want to enjoy a few laughs over a glass of iced lemonade.  

Foot Sanctuary, the newest spa in Tallahassee, offers relaxation like never before.  Find yourself in an oasis of calm with a 45 minute luxuriously warm soak with a 10 minute foot massage.

5 Star Google Review

"I tried out the new foot soak service offered at Dr. Pragle's office a few weeks ago. I went with a group of girlfriends and we really enjoyed our treatment! There were many bath bombs and scents to choose from, relaxing music, a calming atmosphere and the foot massage was AWESOME. I would highly recommend, as my mind and body felt great after this treatment. I'm pretty sure he's the first in Tallahassee to offer something like this (it is already popular in other parts of the country)."         - Hillary

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