Tallahasee, FL Chiropractor - Massage Therapist Discusses Benefits of Aromatherapy

Posted By Dr. Eric Pragle, DC, LMT

Aromatherapy is a vast subject which encompasses the study of the human body, plants, methods of extraction and many types of complementary medicine including Chiropractic and Massage therapy.  Aromatherapy and the use of essential oils is an ancient practice utilized by all of the past civilizations as a form of medicine and also for building good health and preventative medicine.  It is a completely natural therapy that has many diverse uses.  Essential oils can be used as a fragrance, vaporizing and inhaling, in bathes, or in conjunction with powerful massage therapy, reflexology or chiropractic alignments.  The joy of aromatherapy is that , from the moment you spark an interest in it, you can begin applying or treating your physical, psychological and emotional needs.  You will quickly discover that aromatherapy can enhance, and even shape and influence your life in a many positive ways.  People of all ages can benefit and use aromatherapy.  The essence of aromatherapy is having fun learning the intricacies of aromatherapy which is a long and rich journey filled with many pleasant surprises. 

For thousands of years plants have played a key role in human health and medicine.  Aromatherapy - using the scent of essential oils for healing was likely discovered by cavemen inhaling the scent of burning leaves and woods, thousands of years ago.  However, ancient Egyptians are regarded as the founders of aromatherapy.  Archaeologists discovered that many urns excavated from tombs once contained prized essential oils.  Greeks and Romans were recognized advocates of essential oils.  As recent as 1937 a French Chemist discovered the amazing healing properties of Lavender when he plunged his burned hand into a bowl of lavender oil.  His injury healed so quickly that he decided to research lavenders therapeutic values and properties of the plants extracts.

At Pragle Chiropractic we utilized Lavender during chiropractic treatments and massage therapy.  Please visit www.praglechiro.com to book your appointment and experience aromatherapy.  Pragle Chiropractic is located at 1820 Riggins Rd. #1 , Tallahassee , Fl 32308.