Chiropractor - Massage Therapist in Tallahassee Discusses Ways to Avoid Over-Eating During the Holidays

Posted By Dr. Eric Pragle, DC, LMT

The Holidays are a special time; a time to rest, recover, and re unite with family and friends.  However, with this often comes many big festive meals with rich foods that are easily accessible.  During the Holidays, we have a tendency to eat different types of foods, foods that often stir nostalgia feelings that remind us of past Holidays, family gathers and periods of our life.  Simple ways to avoid over-eating include:

  • When bringing a dish to another person's house, focus on healthy dishes such as mixed fruit, herb salads with a light dressing, steamed vegetables like: broccoli, carrots, string beans etc..  That way when you are preparing this dish you can eat ample amounts before you go to avoid the snacks and treats.
  • The morning of a Holiday meal focus on eating a big breakfast with a lot of filling foods like eggs, sausage, aged- cheese, grits, toast etc along with your vitamins and supplements.  A big breakfast is very effective at curbing appetite even later in the day.
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day, as water is great for making us feel full and curbing the appetite.  An Enviro-wave water filter, , is an excellent water filter that has a 10 stage filtering system that removes chemicals from the water and makes the water taste much better.  Many people are dehydrated because they don't drink enough, however when you have a filter that makes the water taste better, most people are will drink more water.
  • Emotional stress from family or friend relationships can also cause over eating during the holidays, so the key with this is to focus on deep breathing when around the stressful person or avoiding situations that can cause you stress.
  • Watch the amount of alcohol intake, as we drink more alcohol our self restrain and self discipline often declines which can make us more vulnerable for overeating.

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