Chiropractor- Massage Therapist in Tallahassee Discusses the Importance of The Right Shoe

Posted By Dr. Eric Pragle, DC, LMT

Do your feet ever hurt? Bunions, Corns, heel pain, knee pain or hip pain etc.?  If you are wearing the wrong shoe, your shoe could be contributing to all of the pains and more.  Unfortunately, most shoes are poorly made and do not promote the foots natural motion.  Most shoes are built up higher in the heels with tight forefoot spacing.  This combination helps create forward head position and strained posture because the heel height forces the whole body to lean more forward which creates strain on muscles especially the shoulders and hips. 

Not only do most shoes create a forward posture strain but the also push the toes and forefoot into the shoe box causing more forefoot friction and causing the foot excessive pronation.  Excessive pronation causes the force of impact to transfer up the kinetic chain into the heel, knee, hip and back.

Natural Shoe Considerations

  • Find a shoe that is not slope from the heel to toe, the more level the shoe the better it is for your foot.
  • Find a shoe with a wide, roomy toe box so your forefoot and toes can spread out and be engaged.  It's real importance to activate the forefoot during walking or running.  Most shoes cause the forefoot to become weak resulting in a flattening of the arch which contributes to even more painful conditions.
  • Consider your posture when standing and walking when you try on shoes.  A shoe with a level platform will allow you to stand with better posture more naturally.  A more natural shoe will also engage your calf and foot muscles which is more energizing.
  • Style is also a consideration but remember that if you stand with better posture and move more fluidly then this can help offset the style of a shoe.  If you look and feel better than that is what is important.

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