Tallahassee Chiropractor-Massage Therapist Discusses Easy Ways to Get Exercise

Posted Dr. Eric Pragle, DC, LMT

If your like me, you find that machines do everything for us including washing, drying, transporting us etc. Needless to say it is difficult to get much exercise or movement in modern societies.  Many people drive their cars to gyms or other exercise venues to get all kinds of exercise.

Walking is what we are made to do and with proper spine alignment, shoes and safe walking area can be done often with very little stress or strain on the body.

Simple ways to walk more

1.  Park further away in a parking lot (but be careful not to get hit by a car)

2.  At work choose to walk up stairs instead of using an elevator.

3.  If your neighborhood is safe or has a sidewalk, walking right from your house is easy simple and very empowering especially if you can walk to a destination i.e. park, store, etc. even to walk to a convenience store to get a movie at red box.

4.  If possible, park 1/2 mile away from destination and walk the remainder, if you have a sidewalk and safe parking.  Remember to wear comfortable walking shoes that support your feet.  Also good idea to bring a cell phone etc. umbrella.

5.  Meet a friend at a set time every week at the same place to set up a routine that is both fun and good for you.  Many people will meet other people for walks at parks or tracks. Tallahassee has some of the best parks in the nation, with miles and miles of easily walkable paths that either pathed or natural (chipped path, dirt path , and a lot of grass).  Be sure to watch carefully where you step, looking for both wildlife as well as roots, rocks or holes.

The Benefits of walking are endless but the big one is it circulates blood to heal your body, promoting well being.  Walking is great way to relief neck pain, and back pain.

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