Chiroprator-Massage Therapist in Tallahassee Discusses Anti-Aging Strategies

By Dr. Eric Pragle, DC, LMT

Everybody everyday is aging; by this I mean we are all getting older.  For most of us this can be both uncomfortable and scary however with a few considerations and simple changes to our daily habits we can minimize the effects of aging. 

  • Sleep

Limit wireless technologies after 8 pm.  This is extremely important as most wireless technologies act as stimulants to our nervous system which makes it more difficult to fall asleep and get into the deep sleep we need to recover and rejuvenate our bodies.

In Bed resting by 9:30pm, there is a hormone called Growth Hormone (builds our bones and muscles) that peaks between 10-12 pm when we are sleeping.  However if we are not sleeping we miss this Anti-aging hormone, very important.  When we get this important sleep, we are able to wake up earlier and eat or exercise which both increases our metabolism.

The combination of wireless stimulation and missing the Growth Hormone can contribute to sleep disorders and obesity.


  • Eat

Simple considerations include eat a big breakfast, eat medium lunch with salad/veggies, and a lighter dinner with salad/veggies before 7 pm(your body can digest light dinner easier when sleeping- which can improve sleeping significantly).  Drink plenty of water and avoid sodas.

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