Could A Pediatric Chiropractor Help My Children?

Can a pediatric chiropractor help my children?  While chiropractic care is known to promote health and wellness in adults, it may be surprising to think of the ways it can help children, too. Since chiropractic treatment is tailored specifically to each person, children can benefit from chiropractic care with gentle, effective techniques.

 Many parents seek out chiropractic care for their children after the child has sustained an injury. However, there are other reasons why children should see a chiropractor, including the following:

  • Disturbed sleeping

  • Restricted movement of the head/neck

  • One shoulder appearing higher than the other

 While chiropractors don’t treat conditions/diseases, they check the spine for misalignments that impair nerve function. This impairment can affect overall body function. By aligning the spine, chiropractors give their patients the opportunity for improved health and well-being.

 Along with fixing misalignments in the spine to improve overall health, chiropractic care can also have the following effect for children:

  • Improved sleeping

  • Improved behavior and attitude

  • Improved immune system function

 Chiropractic care for children has also been used to treat chronic ear infections, headaches, scoliosis, colds, and growing pains. Since the immune system benefits from chiropractic care, it’s no wonder there are so many health benefits! For more information on chiropractic care please visit Pragle Chiropractic and Massage Therapy at or call 850-508-5951.

 Posted by Natalie Burdick