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Top Rated Chiropractor By FSU

Backpack straining your neck or back? Hunch over a computer or desk in classes? Been in a car or scooter accident around campus? If you have tried rest, massage or traditional "pop and crack" chiropractic without lasting relief, then you may consider the AO Treatment.  Dr. Eric offers the AO Treatment which is a unique sequence of gentle vibrations to align the hips, back, and neck; so your body can heal itself, naturally.  The synergy of the AO Treament, deep tissue massage and gentle spinal decompression have received rave 5 star reviews from FSU students in 2018.

 If your an FSU student and your looking for an alternative treatment to whats on campus then consider looking for the best rated chiropractor in Tallahassee.  You have other options, besides the chiropractic and massage therapy at University Health Services  (FSU Health And Wellness Center).  Dr. Eric Pragle, a top rated chiropractor by FSU, offers gentle chiropractic & massage for car accident injuries, neck pain and back pain.  They accept auto insurance with online booking and no waits.