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Car accident? Chiropractor near Crawfordville, FL discusses four benefits of Chiropractic.  Do you have a sore neck or back after a car wreck? With an estimated 375,000 car crashes in florida in 2015, many people suffer from some sort of residual neck or back pain.(1) Most of us think our stiff neck or backaches will go away especially with rest, NSAIDs or ice.  However, If you have auto insurance (PIP) in Florida, you have to be examined by a chiropractor or medical doctor within two weeks of your accident in order to access your personal injury protection insurance and receive treatment for your injuries.

Whiplash from a car wreck is also called neck strain or neck sprain however an examining doctor will typically diagnose the injury as cervical sprain/strain or lumbar sprain or strain.(2)  Whiplash injury is along the full spine but typically concentrated on the neck and lower back at the discs, intervertebral joints (between the vertebrae), ligaments ( anterior and posterior longitudinal ligaments ), cervical muscles and even the nerve roots may be damaged.(3)  

  • Chiropractors dedicate their lives to the believe that our bodies have a natural ability to heal themselves given proper spine align.  This gentle, drug-less, non-surgical approach to healthcare is built on the fact that the body has an amazing, innate ability to heal itself; the chiropractic adjustment creates the right environment to facilitate this inner healing.
  • Since the nervous system (nerves going thru the spine) control every cell, tissue, muscle and organ in your body, chiropractors specialize on the health of the spine being properly aligned from the atlas to the sacrum.  If the spine shifts out of proper place (like an auto accident), the adjustments are used to bring the spine back in to alignment to remove nerve pressure allowing your body to begin the healing process.
  • Another name for spinal mis-alignment is "vertebral subluxation", which a chiropractor refer to as a mechanical compression and irritation of spinal nerves and joints. (4)

Four Benefits of Chiropractic Adjustments

Dr. Eric performs a comprehensive exam with neurological tests, deep tendon reflexes, muscles tests, cerebellar exam (concussion or traumatic brain injury signs) and orthopedic tests focused on nerve injury and muscle weakness.  Depending on your symptoms as well as the exam findings, Dr. Eric will recommend individualized imaging and treatment plan.  Chiropractic treatments are designed to correct and heal:

  1. spinal alignment- the normal lordotic cervical spine curve often becomes straight (called a military neck) which feels like the head is very heavy with the neck and shoulder muscles straining are strained.
  2. muscle damage - swollen tendons or muscle tears; feels like deep neck soreness/pain in the front and back
  3. cervical disc bulge/herniation- can cause pinched nerves resulting in arm or hand numbness/tingling
  4. lumbar disc bulge/herniation - can pinch sciatic nerve which can refer pain down to the feet (5)