Pragle Chiropractic And Massage offers the AO Treatment plus massage.


  • Dr Eric performs a comprehensive exam.
  • Then Dr. Eric recommends a care plan for your individual needs .  He only accepts clients that can benefit significantly.
  • Dr. Eric performs the AO Treatment which is a sequence of gentle vibrations to align the hips, back and neck.
  • So your body can heal itself.

AO Treatment

What benefits have people experienced from the AO Treatment?

5/5 Star Facebook Review

Excellent care! Dr Eric is amazing. I called and got an appointment the very same day. His office is beautiful with the feel of a spa. He took his time and is very knowledgeable. No X-rays required, no huge 6 week plan that costs thousands of dollars, but instead, one visit, about two hours and that included a magnificent foot soak:) and I noticed a difference within just 24 hours of the adjustments and AO treatment. I will be back for continued success and maintenance.  - Andrea

5/5 Star Google Review

The AO treatment and massage therapy on my neck and upper body has helped me tremendously. Dr. Pragle is so professional with the best bedside manner I have experienced from a Chiropractic office. I highly recommend his services. - Laura

The AO Treatment has relieved many conditions including:

  • Arm Numbness or Tingling: decreased or abnormal sensations

  • Auto accident injuries/concussions: traumatic injury caused by whiplash

  • Fibromyalgia: widespread pain and tenderness to touch that may occur body wide or migrate over the body

  • Headaches: continuous or intermittent pain in the head

  • Hip pain/Sciatica: pain in or around the hip joint or shooting pains into hip or down the leg.

  • Leg Numbness or Tingling: abnormal sensations

  • Low Back Pain (Lumbar Spine L1-L5) pain, muscle tension, or stiffness

  • Migraines: recurrent throbbing headache

  • Neck Pain(Cervical Spine C1-C7): sensation of discomfort in the neck area

  • Scoliosis: abnormal lateral curvature of the spine