Best Reviews for Chiropractic

It was magic...  A Miracle

" I had an accident where I was hit in the head with something and I was having a lot of neck and shoulder pain.  A friend of mine told me about atlas orthogonal. . . It was magic.  A miracle.  Truly, I'd been living with a certain amount of pain every day for about ten years and suddenly I walked out of the office with not a speck of pain.  Big difference going . . . The pain was completely gone immediately."

- Eva LaRue - Emmy Award Nominated Actress, " CSI-Miami"


"I've been coming to atlas orthogonal for the last three years since 1998 . . . Before I came to atlas orthogonal - - a lot of headaches ... If I can come in and continue to have these treatments, and they can continue to help me the way they've helped me, maybe I can continue to last for another eight years."

-Michael Strahan, New York Giants 2001     Co-Host, "Live with Kelly and Michael ABC-TV

The AO Treatment has been featured recently on Jeff Nixon Sportsblog, ESPN Documentary, and ESPN as being a key part of the miraculous recovery of NFL great Jim McMahon; who suffered multiple concussions.