Car Accident Chiropractor

Dr. Eric, a car accident chiropractor, has suffered thru two car accidents and was able to regain his health with the AO Treatment and massage.  Now, he wants to help you get well after a car accident.  With Eleven years experience as a Massage Therapist and Four years experience as a gentle chiropractor, he offers a unique blend of healing treatments that help people recover.

5/5 Star Google Review

Dr. Pragle truly cares about the health of people he is caring for.
My daughters and I were in a car accident and went to see Dr. pragle afterwards. He gave a thourough exam and explanation of how the AO treatment works. Now we are all feeling better than we did before the accident. - Rebekah

Pragle Chiropractic And Massage is a personal injury chiropractic clinic that focuses on emergency chiropractic treatments.  Dr. Eric Pragle became an expert of the AO Treatment after more than 4 years of training under the inventor, Dr. Roy Sweat.  The AO Treatment is a gentle, effective chiropractic treatment for auto accidents.