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Dr. Eric Pragle, DC, LMT

Dr. Eric Pragle, DC, LMT

Their mission statement is quite simple, "Help you get as well as possible as quick as possible" without unnecessary imaging, treatments, or therapies.

Dr. Eric and Lini have dedicated their lives to helping people heal naturally with gentle chiropractic and massage treatments.  Dr. Eric Pragle, a Florida board certified chiropractor and licensed massage therapist has more than 14 years combined experience treating people with musculo-skeletal conditions like headaches, neck pain, back pain as well as auto accident injuries.   Not only does he focuses on treating the root cause of the pain but takes the time to help you change daily habits which are aggravating your condition.  As a former school teacher, he is skilled at assessing and teaching clients proper sleep positions, shoe support,  and sitting chair ergonomics which all factor into healing naturally.

Lini, an experienced licensed Massage Therapist, in Tallahassee, has a passion for deep tissue massage, foot massage, pregnancy massage as well as spending the extra time to educate people on proper stretches and exercises to prevent the build up of muscle tension.  During her massage session, she checks in with people to make sure the pressure is "just right".  With keen intuition and attention to the clients "body language", she is able to work into and release tense muscles in a relaxing spa-like environment.  

Dr. Eric and Lini are on a mission to help you get well with gentle chiropractic treatment, massage therapy, lifestyle recommendations and nutritional supplements.