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You may wonder, who is the best chiropractor near me (1820 Riggins Rd. #1)? Pragle Chiropractic And Massage Therapy, a 2017 ThreeBestRated chiropractor in Tallahassee, wants to share the benefits of chiropractic and deep tissue massage with you.  This year, about 25% of Americans will see a doctor of chiropractic, primarily for drug-free treatments for car accident injuries, lower back pain, sciatica, migraines, neck, arm and leg pains.

Do you ever wonder what is causing your consistent neck, shoulder or back pain? You haven’t been in a car accident, you haven’t participated in any particularly strenuous activities or exercises, and you haven’t experienced whiplash, so why does your body feel strained? Well, if you work in an office or at a job that requires you to be in a seated position for extended periods of time, you may know this neck pain all too well. Neck pain that is not caused by a trauma, such as whiplash, usually has a postural component (the position and posture of the body).

Remaining in a seated position for hours at a time along with various repetitive work tasks can cause tension in the body and can induce the development of poor posture. So, if you work an office job or a job that necessitates that you be seated for the majority of your day, what can be done to help alleviate and avoid this irritating and distracting postural pain? Through a few simple sitting ergonomic practices, you can greatly reduce everyday pain and even improve posture over time.

Why do we experience neck, shoulder and back pain from sitting at a desk?

While working on a computer or hovering over your desk, your neck has a tendency to slant forward, placing your head in front of your shoulders, which can cause the most common condition that contributes to neck pain, forward head posture. Also known as “texting neck”, forward head posture puts excessive stress on the vertebrae of the lower neck because of the forward pull of the weight of the head. (1) A few causes of forward head posture are repetitive or consistent:

  • Computers use
  • Texting
  • Video game use
  • Television use
  • Poor sleeping position
  • Poor driving posture
  • Backpacks

3 Benefits of Chiropractic Adjustments In Tallahassee, FL


1. Car Accident Injuries including Whiplash and Neck Pain

Dr. Eric has received rave reviews for the AO Treatment which is one of the few chiropractic techniques supported by scientific research.  The Journal of Whiplash & Related Disorders reported significant benefit for 54 patients who received the Atlas Orthogonal (AO) Treatment.  After the AO Treatment, 84% of patients reported resolution or near resolution of their neck pain and other auto accident injuries.  Dr. Eric is one of 250 doctors in the world who are board certified in the Atlas Orthogonal Technique.  He has a passion for helping people recover from car accidents.(4)

2. Lower Back Pain And Neck Pain

Another research study involving 49 chiropractic patients revealed that 96 percent of the respondents indicated thru a questionnaire that they were either satisfied or very satisfied with the chiropractic care they received with 98 percent saying they were "very likely" or definitely would choose chiropractic treatments for their acute neck pain again. (5)

The British Medical Journal studied 183 patients with neck pain who were randomly selected to receive physiotherapy (therapeutic exercises), manual therapy (spinal mobilization), or general practitioner medical treatments (counseling, education and medication/drug therapy) over a 52 week period.  The clinical results measured revealed that chiropractic adjustments resulted in faster recovery than physiotherapy or general practitioner care. (6)

3. Migraines And Tension Headaches

Headaches, most commonly tension headaches and migraines, are consider the second most common musculo-skeletal complaint and regularly treated by chiropractic physicians.   A research trial found 22 percent of people who had chiropractic adjustments saw the number of episodes decrease by 90 percent.  In this study, 49 percent of respondents said they had a significant reduction in pain intensity, compared to typical pharmaceutical medications.  Chiropractic treatments initiated natural headache relief without the risks and side effects of taking medications long term. (7)

Looking for top rated chiropractor, please see our chiropractor Tallahassee reviews at Google and Yelp.  We accept auto insurance (PIP) personal injury protection for car accidents.  If you have Capital Health Plan (CHP) insurance, then you should call us to find out the affordability of our treatments.

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